Don’t You Forget About Me

If blogs could sing, that’s what Inciter would be saying to me right now! I haven’t posted anything in a minute, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening. I completed an interview last week and it should be up within the next couple of days. So don’t worry Inciter, old blog of mine, I […]

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Music for the Masses

Mauricio Alexander aims to move the crowd with his latest project By Van Sias Needless to say, music is a big part of singer/songwriter/actor Mauricio Alexander’s life. Classically trained pianist for 12 years. Alto saxophone for three years. Self-taught singer and guitarist since he was 12. Time spent as a hip-hop artist by the name […]

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I want to write. Others want to do other things. Inciter, which is Latin for aspire, is a combination of those things. I’m Van Sias, and I’ll be profiling people I know who are chasing or have reached their goals, while I pursue my own.